From the humble beginnings of playing drums at the age of 10, to the release of his debut album, 2004 saw Saint's career take off.


From the humble beginnings, Double Save's first musical performance was at the age of ten in church which was a solo effort performing with the piano.



Tallest discovered his talent just as he entered Secondary school and fell in love with music.  Fidelis learned to play 

several instruments such as Keyboard, Guitar and Drums.


In late 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, the 3 band members came together under CES Entertainment Group and Side Street Boyz was formed.

21 March 2021

Forever and a day is released

The album that started it all! While Side Street Boyz's debut track was released in 2021 in Africa, it wasn't officially released in the UK until a later date and then with different artwork than the original release.


22 April 2021

Words that I say is released

This track was released on the Forever and a day Album in 2021 in Africa, it was officially released in the UK first. 

24 June 2021


The release of London Borough

The much awaited track was finally released and headed straight to success. The song was created for the use of UK Charity Mums  United to help eradicate Gun & Knife crime on our streets. Although the song is called London Borough, it is not based on London but a worldwide crisis.