Philip Ogiamien              Fidelis Michel 

Abraham Chuks

Full Name: Onuorah Abraham Chuks
Age: 27
Origin: Abia
Nationality: Nigerian
Interest: Music, Football and Reading.
Marital status: Single

Occupation: Artist

Stage Nam: Saint

Onuorah Chuks Abraham was born at Enugu town on 26 September, 1994. His music career began as a church boy playing drums at the age of 10 years, joining the praise team in the church.  His passion grew leading him to release 2 albums titled "The Great God" and "God is the treasure that I seek". He has passion for writing songs before he joined the Side street boyz Band.

Full Name: Okafor Fidelis Michel
Age: 23
Status: Single
Origin: Anambra
Nationality: Nigerian
Interest: Music, Football, Movies

Occupation:  Artist (instrumentalist)
Stage Name: Tallest

Fidelis Michel originates from Anambra State, Nigeria.. Born November 28, 1998, he had a love music from his early days in secondary school which helped Fidelis to learn instruments such as Keyboard, Guitar and Drums. He has been involved with several bands both in local churches and his local area. 

Full Name: Osazuwa Philip Ogiamien 
Origin: Edo State
Nationality: Nigerian
Age: 26
Interest: Music, Football and Travelling

Occupation: Artist/ Sound Engineer

Stage Name: (Double Save)


Phillip Ogiamien was born May 10 1995.  He has had love for music from early childhood. His first musical performance was at the age of ten in church which was a solo effort performing with the piano.

Phillip Ogiamien released an album titled: The Genesis.