Allied Force: Live the Music

A Brief History

The Band was first formed in 1979 under the name of Siren, the members at the time was Ian MacDonald on Guitar, Martin Twells on Drums and Philip Charman on Bass. This line up lasted about a year before Philip left and Roy Holyland joined on Bass. The band then changed its name to The Ian Spencer band, a combination of Ian and Roy’s name. At the time the band mainly played cover numbers but also had a couple of their own. This line up lasted about 2 years. When Roy left, a new Bass player came, his name being Graham Parsons. The band then changed its name to Allied Force in 1982, by which time the Band was playing a lot more of its own songs. Everything was going OK and the band was playing a good few gigs. However this line up would split in 1984 when Martin left and Ash Hayter took over on the Drums.

A year later the band would no longer be, everybody would go their separate ways.

The band would resurface in 2004 when the founding members Ian and Martin would get back together to record some of the songs they used to play. This soon changed to them wanting to gig again. They recruited Ollie Milton on Bass and Martin's son Phillip, however this did not last long because both Ollie and Phillip left to form their own band. They recruited Bass player Graham Lemon who used to play for Dumpy’s Rusty Nuts, Graham soon moved to Guitar and Martin’s other son Colin took over on Bass. This line up was probably the best they had and they soon started gigging, this time playing all their own songs. They had played on a local radio station and was planning to go into the studio to record an album, this was not to be as illness would hit the band. Martin had to leave because of his heart and Ian left due to him having Cancer. However this is not the end, Ian and Martin are recording an album but are not planning on going on the road. LONG LIVE ALLIED FORCE.

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